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Artful Escapades

Given that the holidays are over, it makes sense to starting to plan your next escapade. While I usually don’t lean towards lodgings of the moment, or those featured on a multiplicity of websites and blogs, I have to admit that Casa Malca on the coast of Tulum has won me over. Below are a few of my favorite spaces from this hotel mixing art with the relaxed and eclectic feel of Tulum. Enjoy! SaveSave

An Architectural Gem in São Paulo

What first attracted me to Isay Weinfeld’s architectural designs was his ability to blend the indoor and outdoor settings into one. The Brazilian architect is famously known for his spacious and modern houses nestled along the quiet and tropical streets of his native Brazil. The Santa Amaro house is one of such houses. Located in a residential area in São Paulo, the Santa Amaro house is the perfect example of a home that provides shelter and privacy while at the same letting the outdoor gardens and trees take part of the daily life of the owners.

Argentine on Paris XVII

If like me, you can’t let go of the beauty found in the architecture from earlier periods, yet you feel drawn to the innovative design of today’s cutting edge designers, then this latest project by the Parisian architecture firm GCG Architectes will be your cup of tea. Images via GCG Architectes.